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Eating five red dates to eat jujube


The cheapest health food in life may be Red Dates, but its price is cheap but its health care efficacy is great. You may also know more about the efficacy and effect of Red dates, then you know what will happen if red dates are eaten. Is there any loss to our health? What are the daily dates? How should the red dates be eaten after the frost falls?

What will happen if you eat more dates?

Although jujube is a tonic, it is harmful to eat too much. As Fresh Red Dates eat too much, it is easy to produce diarrhea and will harm the "spleen." Therefore, due to exogenous wind and heat caused by colds, fever and abdominal distention and qi stagnation, all belong to the Jifu crowd. In addition, due to the rich sugar content of jujube, especially the red dates made into snacks, it is not suitable for diabetics to supplement, in order to avoid the increase of blood sugar, promote the deterioration of the disease.

In addition, eating too much red dates can cause hyperacidity and abdominal distension. At the same time, jujube is a weak constitution and is a nourishing product. However, jujube skin is not easy to digest, we must chew slowly!


The five taboos of the red dates after frost and falling into the ice must be kept

Jujube can be said to be a very good fruit. It is well known that red dates can boost blood, reduce blood pressure, and enhance human immunity. At the same time, jujube also contains a lot of vitamins, trace elements and sugar, research shows that it has a certain effect on liver protection and tranquilizing the nerves. The efficacy of jujube is so many, but it is not appropriate to eat more, and when eating red dates, we still have some things worth noting.

1. It should not be rotted and deteriorated.

After jujube rots, it will help microorganisms reproduce in their bodies. At the same time, rotted red dates can be decomposed into formaldehyde and methanol. After the substance is eaten, lighter people can cause dizziness and eyes damage, while the weight can endanger life.

2, should not be eaten with vitamins

The jujube itself is rich in vitamins that can break down and destroy vitamin K, thereby reducing the therapeutic effect of vitamins.

3, should not eat with cucumber or radish

Some ribolytic enzymes contained in radish and cucumbers conflict with red dates.

4, Do not eat with anti-fat drugs

Some special substances contained in fever-reducing medicines and foods with high sugar content are likely to form insoluble complexes, which are not conducive to human body absorption, and therefore will greatly reduce the efficacy of antipyretics. The jujube is a relatively high sugar content food, so do not eat red dates when eating antipyretics.

5, fullness of the lower abdomen, constipation are unfit for human consumption

If you are happy with coughing, you often feel full bulging in your chest, and you feel tired easily. Your stomach is often full and your appetite is weak. After eating so much red dates, the original symptoms are easily aggravated, with cold, hot thirst, bloating and other adverse reactions. Because jujube smells sweet, pungent, hot, and it is hot and humid, it is prone to phlegm and dampness.

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